Living in Whitby – What do I miss most?

After the first season of living in Whitby back in 2014, a few guests asked us what we missed most about living in Whitby, after thinking of this a while, I realized what I missed most, was actually coming on holiday here.

Now that does seem a strange thing to say but after a busy season that first year, I realized we had got to November and not done some of the things we always used to do when we holidayed here, like walking to Sandsend,  ( a lovely 3 mile walk along the coast line to a small village with a few beach side cafes, for those that do not know this area).

So every November, never mind what the weather is like, we aim to walk to Sandsend at least once every week after our children have been dropped off at school and take advantage of our quieter season,  Last week it was pouring with rain however someone once told me, its not the weather that is putting you off, it’s the clothes you are wearing so I am well prepared – warm ski jacket, good walking boots plus hat, snood and of course the essential – hand warmers.  It was bracing and wet but still enjoyable.  This week was stunning hence the photos.  Bright blue skies and bracing.  The sea looked perfect and there were even a few people surfing the waves.


With  a very hot  coffee and a piece of shortbread in Tides, a lovely beach front café,(there are around 4 cafes and one pub in Sandsend so plenty of choice and most open all summer and winter),I took half hour just  people watching  and watching the sea.  There is something mesmerizing about the sea (even the north sea), I think if you could bottle the sights, sounds and smells of the sea, you would be on to a winner as a business!!

Fresh air especially on a sunny day whether it be winter and summer is a perfect boost and once again it reminds me of how lucky we are to live in such a fantastic place, Whitby.  And if I didn’t live here, I would definitely be spending my holidays here!!

Written by Michelle Naylor.