Welcome to our first of many Corra Lynn B&B blogs.

So, why start writing a blog. Well, we have been here 5 years, and the longer we are here, the more we come to appreciate what we have on our doorstep.

I am discovering the beauty of the North Yorkshire moors as I re kindle my love of cycling, and we are getting to spend more time down on the beach as we get to balance our time between work and leisure.  We want to share this with you so you get to see what motivates us and give you some other ideas for what to do locally.  Also as you may know, I am a keen cook, so I’ll include some recipes as we go along.

Also, our market is extremely competitive, we are looking to embrace social media with interesting content so the experience you have had with us can be shared with your friends and theirs.

In the time we have been here we have seen the tourism and accommodation business change dramatically. When we first took over Corra Lynn, 50% of our guests knocked on our door when we turned our signs to vacant, last year that probably happened 5 times, people want the convenience of booking through their phones, they are also becoming more discerning as more and more excellent B&B’s come onto the market.

Big booking sites have massive advertising budgets, which makes it hard for the small and individual business to stand out.  Each year we invest in our business, (this year we have dramatically updated our breakfast room) we want to share what we are doing and build our reputation, by extending our social media presence will help us do this.

Hope you enjoy and more will follow.